Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Stone Lab

Sample NO.  Weight Grams  Volume  Density
3                      25.69               25           1.6

5                       45.59               15           3.03

12                     37.7549           47            N/A

2                        138.39             50            2.7

6                       110.10              50            2.2

11                      98.9                 16             6

9                       193.99               75           2.2

7                       258.9                 55            4

PS:Still w8ing for photos from Teammate

7.Can Density be used to identify minerals?

Ans: Density Can be measured by finding the density they compare it with the explanation below
There is also a chart that shows the density of common minerals
so that you can compare them and identify 
It can also be identify using colors

8.Would density or color be more useful to identify a particular mineral
Density is better since the stone color can vary over time such as living under the sea it maybe gain some moss
overtime also it maybe get stained from the environment
And the reason that the Density is better is because its more constant sure it maybe have some flaws the rock maybe get damage over time but the density it self wont change as much as colors
 PS: gemstone isnt included because gemstone color is constant :) it is also classified by using colors :)