Thursday, 23 February 2017

Speed Lab Fun :D

20: 5meter time:3 Over All Distance: 14-15
40: 5meter time:2-3 Over All Distance: 15-17
60:5meter time:2 Over All Distance 20-end of room

1 20rolling 40 rolling but bouncy 60bounce only
2 5.2 m/s
3 it travel straight
4 gaps between tiles
5 because it is closer to the ground

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Wrotong assessment

Mah Highlight (I luv to us brokon english) WHATS SUP PHS to dei were going to talk my highlight First off all i got nothing to write so im just wasting ur time while i think of a reasonable highlights okay my highlight is the 10 day break that was really thought ful of the school to give us the students some break after that HARDCORE PARKOUR STUDYING i really enjoy thoose breaks well i cant really say that i enjoy it because i stay home and do a HARDCORE VIDEOGAME SESSION 24/7 thats kinda it byeeeeeee

                                                  This is a cirrus --->