Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Group: Ya-faek (The Best) , Pun Pun, Thames, Nut, Reina, Ta

1. Infer Why did you rub the balloon on your sweaterPredict what might have happened if you simply touched the balloon to your sweater instead of rubbing it.
ANS: When you rub a balloon against your sweater, the balloon will transfer electrons from the sweater, which leaves the sweater positively charged and the balloon negatively charged. If you simply touched the balloon to your sweater instead of rubbing it, there are not any charged transfer, because there are no friction occur.

2. Key ConceptWhy do you think the balloon interacted the way it did with your sweater and with the stream of water?
ANS: The charge is uneven (unbalanced) therefore it needs to make contact to balance itself (equivalent).

Some of the pictures from the activity !

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Directions used

  1. Stand in front of the library Turn to 0o and walk 2 steps
  2. Turn right to 83o and walk 18 steps
  3. Turn left 350o, walk 3 steps, walk 11 ladder stepm,\.                         Lk cvns and walk another step
  4. Turn left to 270o and walk 3 steps
  5. Turn left to 170o, walk 1 step, walk 8 ladder steps and walk 3 steps
  6. Turn left to 80o and walk 3 steps
  7. Turn left 350o, walk 1 steps, and walk 12 ladder steps
  8. Turn left to 270o and walk 3 steps
  9. Turn left to 170o, walk 1 step, walk 8 ladder steps and walk 5 steps
  10. Turn left to 80o and walk 40 steps
  11. Turn right to 170o and walk 40 steps`
  12. Turn to 85o

Direction LAB

Direction (Lab)

Start: Art Room

Finish: 402

First step: You take a Walk at 268 degree west straight for 11 steps

Second step: You turn up at East 82 then walk up 2 Storey of stair
Step 3: You take a West 267 for 13 steps
Step 4: Turn left at South 176 degree

Last step: walk 79 steps then you will reach your destination

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Milk crystalization_Ya-faek

1)  why do we add salt to the ice?
To cool the ice down even more

2)   why do we add the cookies and other things, only after the milk has frozen slightly
it takes longer to freeze since the ingredient absorb the heat
3)  what are two factors that affect the freezing you think?
Movement, Low Temperature

4)  why do you need a bit of air in the bag?
To help the milk move around to make contact with the ice

How did we make it?

What you will need in order to make it 

1) a big rectangle tray 2) ice 3) salt 4) a zip lock bag 5) a big container of milk 6) extra topping (Optional) 7) Test tube rack

How 2 do it?

1) put some of the milk into the zip lock bag
2) insert it into the container
3)Burrie the bag in the ice
4)put the salt over it
5)Put number 6 in and move it back and forth rapidly
6)Repeat for around 5 min
7)Enjoy your ice cream!

Pictures with Friends!

Funny moments :P

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Stone Lab

Sample NO.  Weight Grams  Volume  Density
3                      25.69               25           1.6

5                       45.59               15           3.03

12                     37.7549           47            N/A

2                        138.39             50            2.7

6                       110.10              50            2.2

11                      98.9                 16             6

9                       193.99               75           2.2

7                       258.9                 55            4

PS:Still w8ing for photos from Teammate

7.Can Density be used to identify minerals?

Ans: Density Can be measured by finding the density they compare it with the explanation below
There is also a chart that shows the density of common minerals
so that you can compare them and identify 
It can also be identify using colors

8.Would density or color be more useful to identify a particular mineral
Density is better since the stone color can vary over time such as living under the sea it maybe gain some moss
overtime also it maybe get stained from the environment
And the reason that the Density is better is because its more constant sure it maybe have some flaws the rock maybe get damage over time but the density it self wont change as much as colors
 PS: gemstone isnt included because gemstone color is constant :) it is also classified by using colors :)

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

GIF Assignment

How Society Effects ENVIRONMENT

My name is Ya-faek and I'm here to introduce to you 3 different reasons how society is affecting the environment

1. The Car
The Car does affect the environment in a bad way destroying trees giving bad air but people are desperate for it because it shows off your ranking

2. The Wall
The Donald Trump wall will take up a lot of spaces also in order to get that amount of concrete they must USE a lot of the factories to produce all of the concrete required and all of this is over racism.

3.Dumping Waste in the sea/ocean Will cost the Fish die and the reason we are doing this is that it easier than going to the trash (ppl these days)